I'm Donna Knutt

Entrepreneur | STEM Educator | Startup Advisor

I create experiences and programs that mentor and equip the next generation to grow in their faith and start impactful businesses.

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The Seed of Curiosity & Creativity
I was born in sweet sweet TnT and migrated to New York City in my pre-teen years. Growing up in Trinidad, we had no running water or indoor facilities but none of that phased me because I had no idea what "poverty" was at that time. My curious and creative mind took me on adventures that shaped my desire to tinker with things and learn how they worked.

The Seed of Entrepreneurship & Unconventional Thinking
After moving to NYC, I got my first computer and mixed my creativity with technology. As I was introduced to the internet, I became a self-taught Software Engineer and learned about Entrepreneurship. I decided Entrepreneurship was how I was going to get my family out of poverty and boldly quit my job to pursue Entrepreneurship full-time. Since then I have started multiple businesses, been featured in popular media outlets, traveled around the world, and worked with well known companies that share my vision and mission. The journey has been rewarding but it has not been easy!

The Birthing
As I pushed through, I learned more about spiritual warfare and how much of our struggles are rooted in demonic limitations, generational curses, and ignorance. My experience made me realize we needed more than entrepreneurial training - we needed spiritual guidance as well. This birth a desire in me to equip the next generation of Entrepreneurs with tangible and spiritual tools to live out their God ordained purpose. My goal is to glorify God by pouring into others, and using my wealth as a weapon to advance His Kingdom. There's still much to do, but my hopes are to spark a fire in others to dream BIG, and risk everything to live out the promises of Matt 6:33.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. — Matthew 6:33, KJV This space will serve as a place for me to pour back. I will be sharing my methods, lessons, opportunities, and overall journey in hopes to help you navigate yours with more clarity. It is my pleasure to serve you and guide you to your next level.

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My Work:
Collaboration with Google:
  • Built LAUNCH, a Startup Incubator for Black & LatinX High School Students in New York City and California at Google Code Next.
  • Served as a Computer Science Educator and Site Coordinator of Google's New York City Code Next Lab, creating and facilitating programs that equipped students with life, leadership, and technical skills.
Google | Fast Company | WIRED | TechCrunch | Google Students
Launched Brunch & Build, a series of intimate, luxury, experiences that equip high impact Entrepreneurs & Creatives with the skills, resources, and guidance needed to launch their ideas.

Past Events:
Invited as a guest Lecturer at Pace University to facilitate a Website Building Workshop for students
Invited to teach and preach for a multi-day conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Media Mentions:
Innov8tiv | O'Reilly | NYU School of Engineering | Amsterdam News | Adafruit | Innov8tiv

Let's Connect:

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